I have been sick and at home for 3 days now and when I am down my creativity increases.    I used my photographs of Paris to create abstract images / postcards.  My mood and flu are improving as I remember my time in Paris and look at my creations.  Hope you enjoy them!  Please stay safe and healthy!

Not many people have the time to look around, when they are in front of the magnificent Eiffel Tower in Paris.  I walked to the side of the Tower and there is a quiet and peaceful park with a lake.  This magpie is French!

ArtAiffelI was on a bus tour when I first saw the beautiful Arch of Triumph!  I have heard that the views from it are absolutely stunning!  I enjoyed just being next to it!


The elegant Eiffel Tower has a beautifully light feel to it, it is absolutely stunning!  Here you can see its intricate pattern!ArtParis2

Walking the streets of Paris is very enjoyable and you always find something interesting- a painted cat on top of an apartment building….BlogCatArt

The Louvre Museum is not only interesting inside, as you can see here!LouvreartSM

I was very lucky to be present at a 6pm mass at the Notre Dame de Paris!NotreArtSmI have to go drink some hot milk and dream of Paris!


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