As long as I remember, I have always enjoyed creative activities.  It all started with coloring in books as a child with pencils and then markers. It was an exciting time, seeing how black and white drawings became colourful and beautiful.  Although I must admit that I did not always stay in lines while coloring and as an adult, I still do not “stay in lines”, follow guidelines or some rules. I enjoy creating things unconventionally, with imagination and passion!

I am now selling online…

Fetch my art


My creativity is spread across many genres.  I enjoy painting mostly in abstract style, I love photography, jewellery making, flower arranging, creative writing, graphic design, landscaping, decorating the home… I suppose the drive is in pleasure that I feel while creating and also the end result is something that I have not planned and therefore it is always a surprise to myself and a satisfaction that I have achieved a visually pleasing result.



I have participated in various exhibitions at galleries and enjoy seeing the reaction of people.  Awesome and WOW are my favourite feedback, because as any artist, I am unsure of how people might feel about my artworks.

I am now selling online…

Fetch my art

OceanKingdomZTMy inspiration comes from various things- usually it is from nature, which I adore.  Any chance I get, I am outdoors, exploring the bush, seaside, gardens and parks.  I do hope that some of my”talent”comes from my great-grandfather, the Armenian Architect Alexander Tamanian  (Tamanyan). He is my ultimate inspiration and idol and I am constantly inspired by his work and life.  You might be interested to read more on my blog under- Architecture & Family Connections


I am very fortunate to be able to create and share with you my passion!  I hope you like it.

I am now selling online…you could see the above art in your own place! One of a kind, no mass production here!

Fetch my art

Please also see my Instagram for my photography and I will be also sharing my art there.




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