Guest Post – Mishka Mail by Graceful Avenue

Today I’d like to introduce you to Naira, founder of creative stationery business, Graceful Avenue. She’s here to talk about her label’s monthly subscription box service called Mishka Mail, which started in August 2016 and will end with the July issue next month.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and escape for a few minutes into the world of Graceful Avenue and Naira’s passion for all things stationery.



Hi everyone! A big thanks to Zara for featuring me on her blog today. Throughout this post you’ll be seeing photographs of Mishka Mail’s February kit with the theme “Wonders of Travel”. Over these last 11 issues I approached my fellow bloggers to review Mishka Mail for every single month and very soon all the reviews from our past kits will be posted on our website for you to read. For now you can just Google the term: “Mishka Mail”


Hi Naira! Please tell us about Mishka Mail.

Mishka Mail began out of a yearning for me to push myself both creatively and professionally. It’s our monthly stationery subscription box, which delivers cute, illustrated paper creations to customers on a monthly basis and is a surprise right until you open the parcel! I wanted to create something that would be a great treat for a person to receive and over these past kits we’ve included everything from stickers, gift tags and wall prints right through to greeting cards, postcards and bookmarks. The world always needs more snail mail, right? It’s been such a joyful project and I’m certainly sad to see it reach its end but it’s the right thing to do for now. Perhaps in the future we could revive this idea, we’ll have to wait and see.

How did the idea of Mishka Mail come about?

Recently there’s been a real trend towards subscription boxes. We’ve seen them popping up here and there overseas with food, cosmetics and jewellery boxes being the most popular. Although this concept is still relatively new to Australia, I really wanted to see what launching a stationery subscription box would be like and have enjoyed every second of this chapter in Graceful Avenue’s colourful book. There’s a lot of work that goes into such a concept. There’s months of planning ahead and designing, coming up with themes and then taking care of the marketing side of it. I’m so pleased that we’ve come full circle with a subscription box for each month of the year. It’s been a lot of fun!


What has been your favourite edition of Mishka Mail?

I’ve loved creating each and every single edition of Mishka Mail this past year. If I had to choose, my favourite would probably be the not-yet-released July issue because of the Gratitude theme. We’ve got a massive edition out next month to show our fans how grateful we are for their support. There will be a lot of quirky paper goodies for everyone to enjoy and it’s going to be epic.


What’s the story behind Graceful Avenue?

I started the brand six years ago when I was a fresh university graduate with an Interior Design degree in my pocket and very slim job prospects. I wanted to do something creative and began illustrating and sewing pouches for sunglasses. I drew Mishka the panda for the first time when I was a shop owner in the UK from 2012-13 and haven’t stopped drawing him since!


What does a day-in-the-life of a stationery label owner look like?

I usually start my day by checking emails and packing orders in the morning. After breakfast and a quick dash to the post office, it’s back to the studio where you can find me planning future Mishka Mail kits, illustrating, taking photographs for social media and blogging. I usually go for a late afternoon walk and unwind with a cup of green mint tea in the evening. I feel so fortunate to have the freedom to mix it up on a daily basis. If I feel like staying in bed in the morning and replying to emails, I can do it. If I want to take a day off and do anything I like, I can. I love being my own boss so much!


What are your plans for Graceful Avenue in the future?

Well I certainly hope my label can continue to grow and gain more fans along the way. Our new Online Shop will continue to stay open with more and more products being added regularly. I hope to get creative with videos showing the design process I go through and give an insight into who the girl behind the brand is. I hope to collaborate with my fellow bloggers, continue to be inspired by my fellow illustrators and never stop the creative juices flowing. I’m excited about what the future has in store for us, that’s for sure.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting our second giveaway very soon where one lucky winner will receive the entire July Mishka Mail kit as the prize! If you’d like to follow us on social media with the handle @gracefulavenue you’ll be the first to hear about when we do this and how you can enter.

Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone who has bought a Mishka Mail kit, reviewed it on their blog, hosted a giveaway with us, spread the love on social media and followed us over the years. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and hope you continue to support my small business.


Thank you!

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Happy mailing!


Vintage Posters pop art

Posters have always been used as interior decoration items and we have all seen them displayed proudly in cafes, restaurants, hairdressing salons, art galleries and other private and public places.  Vintage posters are full of humour, colour, meaning and style, featuring wonderful characters.

I have taken the old pop art Italian, French and English posters and added my creative twist to them!  Enjoy!

Click on Popeye below to see the gallery of images:


Don’t forget to pay attention to posters around you!  You never know what will catch you eye and make you smile!

Revisiting my Videos

Happy New year 2014 everyone!

New year, new beginnings… Well, in the first few days of this year, I found myself reflecting on the past and re-visiting some of my previous creations.  After a while I see them with fresh eyes and I feel proud of what I have done.

Please check out my previous youtube posts, they are interesting and entertaining.




In 2014 I hope to be even more creative and enjoy blogging for you!

Have a successful and prosperous year!

Love Zara Creates

Urgent: Adorable Panda greeting cards plea

I feel passionate about telling you about beautiful and quirky greeting cards that are created by Graceful Avenue.

The cards feature hand drawn Panda bears and make a great present for everyone you know and especially for those who love Giant Pandas.

Pozible website lets people raise funds for their projects.  Graceful Avenue has a goal of printing the cards professionally and this is the reason for their plea.

If you can assist, you will be rewarded with original handmade items.

Please visit:

Enjoy and thank you for your kindness.




Awesome Cards and Other Handmade Gifts

I am so impressed with creativity that some bloggers display.

I came across these absolutely awesome handmade greeting cards, notepads, small cases, flowers, vases and other fantastic gifts, created by Graceful Avenue.

You can order online or if you are in the UK, you can pop into the lovely-looking shop.

A new range of Panda cards has just been launched and Mishkas are so cute and cuddly!

panda card for life's simple pleaasures
Graceful Avenue card- Mishka panda range. The Simple Life, courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright Graceful Avenue 2013.
panda I love you with love hearts and a flower
Graceful Avenue panda Mishka range card.  I Love You card, courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright 2013 Graceful Avenue.
handmade panda Mishka card
Graceful Avenue panda Mishka card for new home owners. Courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright 2013 Graceful Avenue

Check out this online store and surprise panda lovers today!

You can follow Graceful Avenue on Twitter   @gracefulavenue and like the Facebook page