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Hello everyone, Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been busy with a new path in life.  I have embarked on a creative journey into the world of Floral Design!  I have always loved flowers and been creative, starting with a multimedia degree at uni and working in graphic design, enjoying photography, painting  and hand crafting things.  Now I have found a way to combine almost all my interests with my passion for Flowers!

I call myself  Zara’s Floral Decor and feel very excited to share with you here some of my most beautiful Floral Arrangements.

I create from the heart, using quality life-like artificial flowers.  I believe that they are the best possible home decoration idea, the most thoughtful present and a long-term source of joy.  Artificial flowers don’t wilt, they don’t require watering or cutting stems, there is no tears, when you have to throw your wilted flowers (money) away.  What a perfect idea to keep your Wedding Bouquet forever and you can do it with faux flowers!  Also they do  no smell and therefore don’t cause allergy.  I hope you can give my floral creations a go and tell your friends and family about them!
Enjoy and … if you live in Melbourne, you can own them.  Only one of each is available.  It is exclusive but not expensive.  I do want everyone to be able to enjoy beautiful flowers!  But enough of the words, let the Floral Arrangements speak for themselves…   (Slide show)


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In Australia on 13th May we celebrate Mother’s day.  Would your Mum like such a gift?
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I look forward to sharing more with you soon and hope you can take a few moments out of your busy lives to enjoy flowers!

Creative Floral Projects

Recently I created a few floral arrangements, hope you enjoy! Please follow my Instagram- eFlowerZ  and zara_creates

Mini still life with flowers and fruit. I have enjoying styling this photoshoot as well as creating the floral design.

A heart full of love and flowers for the front door. Looks pretty welcoming!

Spray painted some roses, which are artificial, of course. Will be using them in Valentine Day’s display.


A floral arrangement for Chinese New Year. It was so much fun picking gorgeous flowers and foliage to create with.

What if the flowers were outside of the vase? Why not?

In the past year terrariums have been in style. Mine has somi mini artificial flowers that will last forever and two gorgeous ladybugs / ladybirds.

I found a photoframe at home and the idea to fill it with flowers came to me. This decor hangs in the living room window do all the people stop and look at it before getting into the house.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations. I have an online shop where you can buy my various floral designs for yourself or someone who loves flowers.

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Floral Design Idea

I absolutely love being creative with anything you can think of.  I am enjoying creating beautiful pieces with artificial flowers and foliage.  Having at home unused photo frame that looks like a cage gave me an idea to create a lovely floral design.  It hangs now it the living room’s window and all the visitors to the house can see it before they come in!

So simple, yet it looks very stylish and on trend as a home decor floral arrangement!


Hope you liked it!

Tulip Festival in the mountains

It is spring in Melbourne, Australia and the annual Thesalaar Tulip Festival is on. It attracts visitors young and old. The field is full of rows of tulips of different colours and also sculptures.  The atmosphere around is fantastic! People are taking photos, eating, enjoying the gardens and listening to music!

Cейчас в горах Мельбурна проходит фестиваль тюльпанов.  Огромное поле усеяно потрясающими тюльпанами! Люди ходят среди тюльпанов и фотографируют себя, цветы, детей,  снова себя и тд. И мужчины и женщины, дети, собачки -все наслаждаются красотой нежных тюльпанов! Музыка, сувениры, скульптуры, вкусная еда и разодетые датчане также всех радуют! 

And of course I bought some tulips in pots and created the beauty below at home. На фестивале я купила тюльпаны и пасадила их дома:

For more Great pictures please see my Instagram- Zara Creates

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Lovely Orchids 

Orchids are very special flowers and there are very special people who grow them. For three days there was an Orchid Show and Sale in Skye suburb in Melbourne, organized by different orchid societies. The variety and beauty of orchid displays were amazing! In a large pavillion there was plenty of space for fabulous creativity and plant display! Enjoy! 

So unique and unlike any other flowers! 

Орхидеи – загадочные и необыкновенные! На выставке было интересно и разнообразие очень порадовало! Правда красиво?

Beautiful Australian Beach

There is a beautiful place that always puts a smile on my face, gives me a feeling of freedom and happiness. This places is the Australian beach. This pictures will tell you more than any words! Enjoy Mordialloc Beach in Melbourne, Australia. 

Clear green water, warm sun, cheeky seagulls, lovely fine sand and  boats and yachts in harbour – what a joy to be at the beach! 

I hope you have enjoyed this excursion.

Lovely Botanic Gardens

For many of us life is busy and demanding. Botanic Gardens in our city allows visitors to enjoy nature and relax in magnificent surroundings.   Trees and plants have been gathered from around the world and it is very interesting to notice the variety and be transported to other countries!  

В каждом городе наверное есть свой ботанический сад. Это место, где можно отдохнуть душой и порадоваться разнообразию и насладиться красотой растений и деревьев. 

I suppose you want to know where this Botanic Garden is. It is in Melbourne, Australia- the beautiful and surprising. The garden is huge and has a lake, a cafe and a few information and gift shops. There are lots of picturesque spots and many people spend the whole day here with a picnic and a footy bаll. 

Вы наверное хотите знать где этот парк? Мы с Вами в городе Мельбурне, в Австралии. Ботанический парк находится а центре города и в нем есть большое озеро, кафе, скамейки, сувенирные магазины и много красивых и живописных уголков. Можно провести здесь весь день и вдоволь подзарядиться энергией и кислородом! 

Here we can see Mexican and South American plants. Мексиканские Кактусы радуют глаз! 

I hope you have enjoyed this excursion and our wonderful nature.  Красиво в нашем ботаническом саду. Надеюсь, что Вам понравилась такая экскурсия!