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Hello everyone, Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been busy with a new path in life.  I have embarked on a creative journey into the world of Floral Design!  I have always loved flowers and been creative, starting with a multimedia degree at uni and working in graphic design, enjoying photography, painting  and hand crafting things.  Now I have found a way to combine almost all my interests with my passion for Flowers!

I call myself  Zara’s Floral Decor and feel very excited to share with you here some of my most beautiful Floral Arrangements.

I create from the heart, using quality life-like artificial flowers.  I believe that they are the best possible home decoration idea, the most thoughtful present and a long-term source of joy.  Artificial flowers don’t wilt, they don’t require watering or cutting stems, there is no tears, when you have to throw your wilted flowers (money) away.  What a perfect idea to keep your Wedding Bouquet forever and you can do it with faux flowers!  Also they do  no smell and therefore don’t cause allergy.  I hope you can give my floral creations a go and tell your friends and family about them!
Enjoy and … if you live in Melbourne, you can own them.  Only one of each is available.  It is exclusive but not expensive.  I do want everyone to be able to enjoy beautiful flowers!  But enough of the words, let the Floral Arrangements speak for themselves…   (Slide show)


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I look forward to sharing more with you soon and hope you can take a few moments out of your busy lives to enjoy flowers!

Great Landscape Designs from Melbourne 

As I have mentioned in the previous blogpost, I have been to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show recently and would like to share with you some of the great landscape design showcased there. 

Below is the Silver award winner for 2017. I love the beautiful water!

I love the pillow and the water feature below. 

And lastly, the Gold medal winner and the creator of this design himself!

I hope you got inspired to try things in your own garden or backyard. 

Inspiring Day at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

As someone who loves flowers and creates Artificial Flower Arrangements in Melbourne, Australia, I was very excited to visit the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on the weekend.  This lovely event has been taking place since 1995 in early April each year.  It is located in the World Heritage Site of Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building.   This building is absolutely stunning inside and out!


Carlton Gardens were transformed for this event.  Everywhere you looked there was something interesting happening.  There were lots of people rushing everywhere.  You could find and buy everything you needed for gardening- flowers, bulbs, tools, decorations such water features, sculptures, furniture and more.

This is me among the scultpures, which are a part of a competitions and can be purchased as well.


Most people bought fresh flowers or bulbs to plant at home. Some bought mini clay flowers, which looked very realistic!

Inside the Royal Exhibition Building I was surrounded by the beautiful, surprising, unbelievable floral creations.  Most people who exhibit are either professional florists or students from higher education institutions or floral societies.

Everyone marveled and took pictures and selfies.  This is me with the free blue bag, given to everyone by the newspaper brand-Herald Sun. This was one of the most elaborate floral creations involving lots of twigs and gorgeous anthuriums.


Another amazing Heart creations was on the first floor of the building and it looked great there as part of a table set for a proposal with the ring in a box and champaigne!


A lot of the fashion design students participated in the show and showcased an amazing level of creativity in dressing up their mannequins. The fashion design below is my favourite creation, it is so simple, the skirt is made using just leaves of palm trees and monsteria plant and the headwear is made of some twigs but the result is absolutely amazing! Notice the bodice and the bracelet! Wow!


There was a lot of color and flowers of all kinds were showcased! Some creations were small while others were on the larger scale.  Beautiful pink paper cranes were  used in the design below to hang from the ceiling with flowers.  The effect was magical.

The show was a lovely opportunity for me to see so many people interested in flowers and to share some of the flyers of my own Artificial Flower creations with them.


If you live in Melbourne, Australia and would like to receive a flyer (as a pdf file), please email me: Zara-


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In the next post I will be sharing some of the sculpture and landscape design ideas from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I hope you have enjoyed this post.





Creative Floral Projects

Recently I created a few floral arrangements, hope you enjoy! Please follow my Instagram- eFlowerZ  and zara_creates

Mini still life with flowers and fruit. I have enjoying styling this photoshoot as well as creating the floral design.

A heart full of love and flowers for the front door. Looks pretty welcoming!

Spray painted some roses, which are artificial, of course. Will be using them in Valentine Day’s display.


A floral arrangement for Chinese New Year. It was so much fun picking gorgeous flowers and foliage to create with.

What if the flowers were outside of the vase? Why not?

In the past year terrariums have been in style. Mine has somi mini artificial flowers that will last forever and two gorgeous ladybugs / ladybirds.

I found a photoframe at home and the idea to fill it with flowers came to me. This decor hangs in the living room window do all the people stop and look at it before getting into the house.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations. I have an online shop where you can buy my various floral designs for yourself or someone who loves flowers.

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Yummy Chicken Soup -Chihertma

Today I made a chicken soup that my grandmother and mum always cooked since I can remember. It is a delicious soup of Georgian origin. 

Here is how I made it. Bring chicken breast (3-4) to boil in water and cook until ready. Remove any impurities. Take chicken out and cut into pieces, set aside.

 Finely chop and fry in oil 3 medium onion until soft and golden. To that pan add 1 tablespoon on flour, stir and mix well. Add some chicken soup into the pan and disolve the onion and flour well. 

Pour this mixture into the soup. Bring to boil, add 2 tablespoons on white vinegar, salt, pepper. 

Obtain 2 egg yolks and beat them in a plate with a fork, add some chicken soup into that plate, mix well.  Before serving the soup, pour the egg mixture into the pot, add back the chicken pieces, warm the soup but do not let it boil. 

Add any herbs you have and voila! This delicious soup tastes even better the next day! Season to taste, add more vinegar if the taste is mild. 

Make it today for your family! 

Floral Design Idea

I absolutely love being creative with anything you can think of.  I am enjoying creating beautiful pieces with artificial flowers and foliage.  Having at home unused photo frame that looks like a cage gave me an idea to create a lovely floral design.  It hangs now it the living room’s window and all the visitors to the house can see it before they come in!

So simple, yet it looks very stylish and on trend as a home decor floral arrangement!


Hope you liked it!

Baking Bread

The inspiration to bake an Armenian bread came from youtube, I will reveal the source later here. New Year’s Eve, freshly baked bread… 

I have never made a yeast dough before, so it was surprising to me how easy it was to make! I made a starter with flour, warm water, dry yeast and sugar. Mixed everything well, covered with plastic wrap and let it rise for 4 hours. Then mixed again and let it rise for another 2 hours. Then I added more flour, warm water and salt and mixed well, let it rise a few more times.

Since I made a lot of dough, I decided to bake a large meat pie and smaller pies, called Russian  piroghki and bread.


Well, I baked at 180 celcius in the oven for an hour. The result is amazing! The family loved everything!

Thank you to youtube- “heghineh’s cooking” Armenian bread matnakash!!!

Making a Christmas Decoration Своими руками

I have really enjoyed making this unique Christmas decoration for my home. I hope this inspires you to also make things and to check out my Instagram-  Zara_Creates 

Я люблю своими руками создавать красоту для дома. Вот придумала такое украшение, которое повесила на стену в столовой. Надеюсь Вам понравилось! Посмотрите мой Instagram-   Zara_Creates.  

Beautiful home decoration… Красиво!

Всех с Наступающим! Xmas is coming! 

Armenian Super Easy and Tasty Salad

Recently I was invited to a friend’s home for a party. The host asked to bring along a plate of food. In the past I made some yummy meat pies from puff pastry but this time I wanted to share something Armenian with my Australian friends. So I decided to make an Armenian chicken salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds! Недавно меня пригласила в гости моя австралийская подруга и попросила принести что-нибудь вкусненькое с собой на тарелочке. Я решила приготовить очень легкий, полезный и вкуснейший армянский салат. 

Recipe/ Рецепт

Measurements below are approximate, so please add as much or as little and taste. У меня все на глаз, так что пробуйте и добавляйте ингридиенты по вкусу! 

Cook chicken breast by boiling in water. 3-4 pieces might be enough. With a fork shred the chicken. Chop walnuts (1 cup), crash 1-3 pieces of garlic / finely chop it. Mix everyting together in a bowl, add light sourcream and seeds of a ponegranate/s. Add salt and pepper and any herbs if you like. That’s it!   Отварите 3-4 грудки курицы в воде. Когда сварятся, вилкой раскрошите мясо. Мелко порубите грецкие орехи (1 стакан), чеснок 1-3 зубчика. Все это положите в миску, добавте сметану, зелень и зернышки граната, соль и перей. Все перемешайте и кушайте на здоровье! 

Plate up and decorate the delicious salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds. Украсить салат можно гранатом и орехами.

Enjoy the Armenian salad! 

Owning a Home- The Australian Dream

It is a well known saying that “A man’s home is his castle”.  It has always been the Australian dream to own a house with a picket fence.        Есть поговорка, что собственный дом это для человека его дворец. Австралийская мечта – иметь свой дом и желательно с забором. 

However because of very high costs, owning a home in Australia is becoming increasingly harder. Renting and dreaming of a house is the next best thing. Из-за роста цен на недвижимость, нелегко сейчас купить дом в Австралии. Приходится снимать дилье и мечтать о собственном доме. 

It is a great hobby to walk around and to look at properties. Here someone has created a relaxing space in front yard with a hammock. Imagine coming home and rocking in it! Зато бесплатно гулять и смотреть на дома и на то как люди живут. Вот гамак повесили перед домом! 

This is how houses are built in Australia, the process takes 3-6 months. Вот как строят дома-очень быстро за 3-6месяцевч 

There are beautiful houses around that keep the dream of owning a house alive! Мечта о доме не покидает.