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I am a big fan of anything creative and handmade, interesting and original!

You can find the coolest and cutest Cards at this Etsy shop!

Christmas is coming and soon will be here!  Surprise your loved ones with original card this festive season!



Urgent: Adorable Panda greeting cards plea

I feel passionate about telling you about beautiful and quirky greeting cards that are created by Graceful Avenue.

The cards feature hand drawn Panda bears and make a great present for everyone you know and especially for those who love Giant Pandas.

Pozible website lets people raise funds for their projects.  Graceful Avenue has a goal of printing the cards professionally and this is the reason for their plea.

If you can assist, you will be rewarded with original handmade items.

Please visit:

Enjoy and thank you for your kindness.




Adorable Pandas 熊貓


I love Pandas very much, they are cute and cuddly adorable bears.  Did you know that Giant pandas have black fur on their ears, around their eyes, muzzle, legs and shoulders, otherwise they are white.

live in China and I want to go one day and see them. For now, I am excited to get greeting cards with Pandas from Graceful Avenue.  A beautiful panda animation has just been released by this gift brand and I am sure you will love it, too.

Graceful Avenue have beautiful Panda cards for sale in their online shop:


Awesome Cards and Other Handmade Gifts

I am so impressed with creativity that some bloggers display.

I came across these absolutely awesome handmade greeting cards, notepads, small cases, flowers, vases and other fantastic gifts, created by Graceful Avenue.

You can order online or if you are in the UK, you can pop into the lovely-looking shop.

A new range of Panda cards has just been launched and Mishkas are so cute and cuddly!

panda card for life's simple pleaasures
Graceful Avenue card- Mishka panda range. The Simple Life, courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright Graceful Avenue 2013.
panda I love you with love hearts and a flower
Graceful Avenue panda Mishka range card.  I Love You card, courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright 2013 Graceful Avenue.
handmade panda Mishka card
Graceful Avenue panda Mishka card for new home owners. Courtesy of Graceful Avenue. Copyright 2013 Graceful Avenue

Check out this online store and surprise panda lovers today!

You can follow Graceful Avenue on Twitter   @gracefulavenue and like the Facebook page